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Sean is a man bereft after losing his wife to cancer. He has decided what he must do but life gets in the way – family who miss him, a demanding landlord, a class of uncontrollable students. And, with his own imagination working overtime, deciding to end his own life is his latest frustration.

The Gift stars Alan Devine (Veronica Guerin), Úna Kavanagh (Fair City), Dawn Bradfield (Moone Boy) and comedian Brendan Grace in his first dramatic role. It was directed by Killarney film director Damian O’Callaghan, who debuted with the short film ‘Bouncers’ in 2013. O’Callaghan wrote and produced The Gift with Kildare screenwriter Paul FitzSimons and it was filmed in and around Killarney, Co. Kerry.

The Gift was released in April 2017 and is now on Amazon Prime.



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